How to brush the hair without losing curls?

Most of the people highly talk about how to brush curly hair with no losing curls, and for this question, people can collect relative answer from below. My friend has curly hair, and it delivers a fantastic look on her but when come to brush which is too hard. So I want to share her few tips Brushed out waves with no risk and trouble of it.

Use finger

I suggested my friend comb the hair with a finger which is more comfortable and stop loss of curls hair breakage. Finger the hair will help to shape the curls and support from significant damage of hair. Hence you can go with a finger instead that brush to comb.

brush hair without losing curls

Wet curls:

Most of the girls have dry curls which are too hard to comb. To come out, you need to make the hair wet. Then it becomes safer and more comfortable for girls to brush without meeting any pain. On using this wet ideas give a hand to have gentle dab on the curls.

When you soaked the hair in the water, then began the detangling your hair with fingers. Therefore you must cut down the brush in using over the wet hair and it not because of the close of curls and other hair fall problem.

Move upward:

I force to move upward to preserve the curls, and you need to brush more carefully. By moving them in upward direct rather than combing from the root part of a hair. Then it becomes smooth and removes all knots and reduces the frizziness of the hair. To brush out curls without ruining them, you need to comb from upward, and it is straight forward to avoid unwanted knot in the hair.

Use air conditioner before going to brush

I suggested to my friend to use conditioner before going to brushing the hair, and it gives a hand to comb your hair perfectly. You have to make use of the deep conditioner that let to make hair more soften and keep the hair hydrated.

brush curly hair

Should not go for complete conditioner:

It is more advisable to apply a little amount of conditioner over the hair, and it is enough to have residue behind it. Then you never go to wash the full conditioner from the nose. On following this above method, you can Brush curly hair without losing curls, and it is simple and easy to follow.  Then  it can never meet any risk  to  hair  at all time.

Have some oil:

By keeping some amount of oil to hair will help to saturate for an extended time. It can divide each hair form tresses. Even you can take oil in your hand and apply over the braid with support of finger. Then it has not changed to losing curls at any time. Therefore my friend becomes easy to brush hair without any losing kinks at every time. Even some of the girls can follow such a method to meet the best result.